My Reading Update: April 15


  1. Bossypants: 3/5 stars. There were moments that were funny but I was hoping for more laughs.
  2. Mean Streak: 2/5 stars. The reason for the guys secrecy ended up being disappointing. I felt like when the truth came out, it made all the stealth and actions false. I was trying not to spoil the book so it might sound abstract unless you have read the book.
  3. We Are All Completely Beside Ourselves: 3/5 stars. This book was good but I felt like it was too short and more could have been added.
  4. How to be a heroine: 3/5 stars. It was fun to see how certain books affected her life as she grew up, and I found a couple books that I want to read. Always a plus.

Currently Reading

  1. La Celestina – This is my new book pulled from the 1001 Books You Must Read Before You Die list. Did not touch this one because I was organizing my house. 🙂
  2. House of Leaves – Ditto to this one.
  3. Wildflower – My new audio book. I just got it today.


What book did you read this week?