Web Share: Evicted

Need a new non-fiction book to read? The Wall Street Journal listed The Hottest Spring Nonfiction Books. The first one on their list peaked my interest it is called Evicted: Poverty and Profit in the American City
Maybe it looked interesting because of the increase of homeless people in my hometown or maybe because growing up my parents were evicted over and over again. Either way, it looks like a good read.
A quick google search brought up this link to an article titled Eviction: An Insidious and Silent Cause of Poverty in America on Signature. In it, it mentions that the author, Matthew Desmond, did not just do interviews for his information, he lived among two affected neighborhoods for a total of two years. He then combined his first-hand knowledge with data that him and his researchers collected. The book gives a look at both sides of the story the evicted and the landlord and then ends with suggestions to help the situation.

These days, evictions are too commonplace… There are sheriff squads whose full-time job is to carry out eviction and foreclosure orders. Some moving companies specialize in evictions, their crews working all day long, five days a week.- Matthew Desmond

From what I read on the web, I will be reading this book. How about you?