Why Read To Older Children

From the movie Princess Bride

Is the text, needed to learn, getting harder for your child to understand? Is their struggling causing them to lose all interest in reading? The answer requires us to read aloud to our children. Children’s oral comprehension is higher than their reading comprehension. To help bridge that gap, they need to hear rich vocabulary in a variety of contexts. That way, when they read on their own, their reading comprehension will increase, and frustration will diminish.

For me, growing my son into a bookworm is important. I don’t want him hitting the famous fourth-grade slump and stop reading. So reading aloud to him will not only remind him of the joy of reading but also help him become a better reader.

To share this subject, I created a quick infographic. The links at the bottom of the post are where I found the information. If you desire to read more about this, I recommend going to the websites and seeing what they have to say.


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How long do you plan to read to your child?