Who is Shellah Inman

me round

When I started to write my book, I had to learn a lot. Not just writing techniques but also tactics to get an agent and to get published. One fact kept popping up everywhere; authors need a social media presence. But here is the thing. I don’t like selling myself; I hate it actually.

After brainstorming and digging deep into my brain, a realization of why I enjoy writing surfaced, books matter. This concept of books mattering percolated into teaching my son how to read. He would always hear me say, “Once you can read, a whole new world opens up.” The act of reading is beneficial to our brains, it helps us understand our world, and is a movie we can play in our heads.

Because I strongly feel that everyone should and want to read, an idea for my site formed. Its subject would become books. Not my books, but all books. It’s not about reading a book from me, it’s about reading any book that interests you. So, if I can post something that makes you want to pick up a book and read then this website has accomplished its mission.

If, at some point, you need to see what kind of person I am, ask me on Twitter or look at my life in pictures on Instagram.